Is your home loan fighting climate change, or funding it?

Your home loan is more than just a monthly expense — it's a powerful tool that can be used to fight climate change.

Home loans are a huge source of revenue for the Big Four banks — pouring billions of dollars into their coffers every year.

Unfortunately these same banks — Commonwealth, Westpac, ANZ and NAB — also pour billions of dollars into damaging fossil fuel projects that contribute to runaway climate change.

In fact, since December 2015, these banks have bankrolled more than $15 billion in fossil fuel projects.1

It's just not good enough — and it's time for customers to fight back.

Our Brighter Banks campaign will target these institutions to send a clear message — divest from fossil fuels, or lose customers.

Increasingly, Australians are turning to ethical banks.2 These institutions have firm commitments never to invest in coal, gas or coal seam gas.

To find out about other ethical banks, head to Market Forces

The Big Four banks have a hand in funding most of the dirtiest fossil fuel projects around the country.

These dirty deals have to stop — and you can help make that happen.

As polluters put their hands out for billions more in loans, we need to send the Big Four banks a clear message: Enough is enough — stop investing in fossil fuels or your customers will walk.

The best way to do that is for thousands of us to stop doing business with them entirely, and hit them where it hurts — their bottom line.

As the Brighter Banks campaign grows, we'll be piling on the pressure to make sure dangerous projects like the Adani mega mine are not funded by our banks.

And we'll be taking targeted action to hold the big banks to account for their investments in dirty coal, gas and coal seam gas.

For every person who switches to Bank Australia through the Brighter Banks campaign, GetUp receives a once-off financial contribution — allowing us to do even more to fight for a safe climate future.

Will you join us?

1. Banks 2°C Scorecard, Market Forces — July 2017. Big banks loaned $10 billion to fossil fuels in 2016, Market Forces, March 2017
2. Switching banks: nearly half of all Australians would consider move over climate change, The Guardian — September 2016