Is your bank fighting climate change, or is it funding it?

Australia's Big Four banks — ANZ, NAB, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank — all pay lip service to action on climate change, but together they've bankrolled more than $10 billion in fossil fuel projects in the past year alone.1

That's why in 2017, GetUp members are taking the fight directly to the Big Four.

Our Brighter Banks campaign will target these institutions to send a clear message — divest from fossil fuels, or lose customers.

Already, more than 11,000 people have pledged to leave the Big Four.

Hundreds of people have used our tools to contact their banks via email and social media to drive home the message .

And we've received dozens of emails, us asking which banks are better.

There are strict laws preventing us from giving you financial advice, and you should look at your own circumstances before making a decision.

But we can tell you that Bank Australia is an ethical alternative, with firm commitments against lending to the fossil fuel industry.

To find out about other ethical banks, head to Market Forces

For every person who switches to Bank Australia through the Brighter Banks campaign, GetUp receives a once-off financial contribution — allowing us to do even more to fight for a safe climate future.

It may seem small, but divesting from fossil fuels is one powerful thing you can do to ensure we keep moving in the right direction.

We need to send the Big Four a clear message: Enough is enough — stop investing in fossil fuels or your customers will walk.

Every person who leaves the Big Four, and tells them why, puts more pressure on them to quit climate-destroying coal and gas for good.

Will you join us?

1. Big banks loaned $10 billion to fossil fuels in 2016, Market Forces, March 2017